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Down Syndrome Myths and Facts

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. For this reason, we want to stop some of the misconceptions there still are going around with some myths and facts. Also, you can watch this video from BBC where they can tell you exactly what they are tired of hearing.

Myth: Down Syndrome is hereditary
Fact: Only one type of Down Syndrome is hereditary. This type is called translocation and accounts for 3 to 4% of all cases.Of those, only 1% of the cases are hereditary.

What will your pregnancy announcement look like?

Are you ready to share the great news that you are expecting? 

If you are, you might be going crazy looking for the best way to do it. You want it to be creative, personal, beautiful and it has to represent you.

There are so many options that we decided to help you with some ideas you may want to consider.

Oh no they didn't!

We all did something that made our moms go crazy, and our children have done some too...
So why not have some laughs with these special moments.

1.- Here I am after watching a clown on the TV and taking my mom's lipstick to look like one.  
"Look Mami, I'm a clown!"

Valentina Guerrero, the famous model with Down Syndrome

Valentina Guerrero, whose name couldn't be more perfect because it refers to a brave warrior is a little girl who broke barriers, 

Valentina has been changing the perception of Down syndrome with a smile. She was the first person with Trisomy 21 to be the main model of a fashion campaign. In 2012, the Spanish swimwear

Shakira launches new app "Grow Parenting" to help parents

Shakira loves being a mom and helping children, that is why she decided to come together with Fisher-Price and her BareFoot Foundation to create Grow Parenting, an app with more than 1,800 advises and activities for parents and teachers to do with their children.

"Ever since I became a mother, I have noticed that there are many things we can do in the early years

Happy International Women's Day! Here are some fun facts about this day

Happy International Women's Day to all those women who wake up everyday to do what is best for their families and for themselves; those women who make everything look so easy.

To celebrate this special day, we thought it would be great to learn some fun facts about today.

  1. International Women's Day is an official holiday in many countries such as Afghanistan,

Preconception Care: How to prepare yourself for pregnancy


You have decided to become a mom and expand your family. This is the best decision you will ever make. Even though at times your child might drive you crazy, you will always be grateful for having this bundle of joy.

Before getting pregnant, you need to prepare your body for a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.
Preconception care will help you take care of health problems you might have before getting pregnant such as diabetes, heart problems, STDs, and much more. Another advantage of preconception care is that you can prepare your body to give your child all of the nutrients he/she needs to grow healthy.