Shakira launches new app "Grow Parenting" to help parents

Shakira loves being a mom and helping children, that is why she decided to come together with Fisher-Price and her BareFoot Foundation to create Grow Parenting, an app with more than 1,800 advises and activities for parents and teachers to do with their children.

"Ever since I became a mother, I have noticed that there are many things we can do in the early years
to encourage the development of our children, long before they enter school or daycare, and they don't have to be things that take us all day," said Shakira during an interview with "That is why, an App designed for mothers who work and have little time to investigate, or they simply don't have the resources on hand to learn about the stages of development and how they can support their children at this stage is a useful and convenient tool. It offers daily tips and activities and moms can take ideas that help deliver the best possible start for their little ones."

Grow Parenting has important information from child psychologists, educators and game experts. The app offers information for every type of mother. It has different educational sources, from Reggio Emilia to Montessori, which makes it an introduction to various school of thoughts to help

"Today, there are many theories about the best way to educate a child. The good thing about this app is that it has a bit of everything letting the users discover what kind of education attracts them more. Armed with this information, a mother can feel confident that when searching for a school, she will be comfortable with the model of pedagogy employed in the institution," said Shakira.
It also offers a time line to follow the development of the child and his/her milestones. This application is bilingual and free for everyone who has children from new born to 5 years old. It is available for both Android and iOS.


"It is an app that addresses a wide range of topics from advice on proper food for certain stage, tricks to make bath time and bedtime more fun, to more involved activities that focus on a specific area of development like the fine motor skills, for example," said Shakira.

Shakira said she loves spending time with her two sons, Milan and Sasha, and that she is always trying to teach them something new.

"As much as I want them to learn things and I insist on it, the most important thing for me is for them to always feel loved. I want everything I do and for them to be understood as an act of love . It is love that gives them the support they need to become healthy adults and productive citizens with integrity. Teaching them the value of love must begin with us parents," said Shakira.

Watch Shakira teach Sasha the countries in South America

Also, she confessed that the most difficult thing she has done has been being a mother and finding that balance between working, being a mother and being a wife.

"Being a mother (is the most difficult) without a doubt! For everything I have said about finding that magic formula, and because being a mother is an inexact science and one in which everyday you can wreak havoc in an instant all those theories from the day before. Everyday is a discovery and an adventure," said Shakira.

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