Oh no they didn't!

We all did something that made our moms go crazy, and our children have done some too...
So why not have some laughs with these special moments.

1.- Here I am after watching a clown on the TV and taking my mom's lipstick to look like one.  
"Look Mami, I'm a clown!"
2.-  "Happy Mother's Day! I made your favorite!"

3.- "Mom have you seen my milk?"

4.-  "I just wanted chocolate milk!"

5. "Look mama, the TV is white!"

6. "You said: 'Play with your sister!'"

7.- The master piece!

8.- Butter Baby!

9.- "Mama, it's snowing inside the house!"

10.- "Why are you staring at my face?" 

11.-  "Mom! We are out of toilet paper! Make sure you buy more!"

12.- "Magic!! I press this little button and a cloud comes out!"

If your child has shown you his/her creativity in a surprising way, please share your photos in the comments below. 

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